Republic Day - 2024

JG International School celebrated the 75th Republic Day of India with a series of impactful events. The occasion began with a warm welcome from the Principal Dr. Kavita Sharma, setting the tone for the patriotic fervor that followed. The national flag was unfurled by Dr. M P Chandran, Chairman of the Asia Charitable Trust, as students of classes VI to XII along with the attendees stood in unity, echoing the National Anthem. A soul-stirring patriotic song resonated through the air, invoking a sense of pride and gratitude followed by mesmerizing dance performances. The esteemed Chairman, Dr. M P Chandran, addressed the gathering, highlighting unity and progress. The event was graced by the presence of Chairman Asia Charitable Trust Dr. M P Chandran, Secretary ACT Mr. K L N Sastry, Treasurer ACT Mr. Alex Lucose, President ASIA Mr. Harikrishna Pillai, other trustees and members of the managing committee, Principals of Schools and colleges, Director General and provost JG University. It encapsulated the essence of patriotism, diversity and progress, leaving attendees inspired to contribute positively to the nation.