Inter House Activity

Inter House One Act Play - 2023

JG International School witnessed an incredible Inter House One Act Play Competition which was held on 3rd November, 2023. The judges for the competition were Ms. Ankita Dave, freelance communications trainer, proof reader, editor and writer, Mr Sudhir Kulkarni, an Executive Trainer and behavioural coach with 40 years of industry experience and Dr. Minnie Mattheew, the Principal at JG college of commerce and the Director of JG Institute of English and professional studies. The competition was graced by the Chairman, Dr. M P Chandran.

Inter-House Debate Competition – 2023

Debate competitions are an excellent platform for students to showcase their critical thinking, public speaking, and analytical skills. Such competitions are not only important for a student’s academic growth but also play a significant role in their personal development. It helps to boost their confidence and provides them with an opportunity to express their opinions and ideas in a structured and organized manner. With the same philosophy, JGIS also conducted an Inter House Debate Competition on Friday 27th October 2023.

Inter House English Declamation - 2023

An Inter House Declamation Competition was organized on 21st July, 2023. The participating students were from classes VI- VIII. The judges for the event were Ms Sheeba Saji and Ms Mitisha Lalwani. This competition was held with a view to creating an opportunity for young speakers to come forward and share their ideas. A wide range of speeches were selected by the participants as part of their presentation. The students were judged on the basis of content, clear pronunciation, correct voice modulation, memory and confidence. The Principal, Dr.

Inter House English Recitation (Classes III-VIII) - 2023

The English Poem Recitation Competition was held on 7th July 2023. Various students of classes III to VIII from all the four houses took part in the competition. The participants were divided into two categories-

Group A comprising classes III, IV and V and Group B included Classes VI, VII and VIII.

The event was graced by the Principal, Dr. Kavita Sharma and Head- HR & Administration, Ms. Rekha Anil.

Inter House Hindi Poem Recitation - 2023

The Inter House Hindi Poem recitation was held on 6th January, 2023. It was organized in three categories: first category consisting of students of class I & II, second category consisting of students of class III & IV and third category consisting of students of class V & VI.

The Judges for the competition were:

Ms. Neeti Bhatt (Coordinator) 

Mr. Avnish Upala (Faculty of Art department)

Inter House Quiz (V-VIII) - 2022

The Inter-House Quiz competition for Juniors (V-VIII) was conducted on 7th October, 2022. The four houses had selected three contestants from their individual houses. A lottery was done to allot tables to each house to ensure fair play. There were nine rounds in all.

Jagdish Chandra Bose House was the winner, followed by Amartya Sen House in the second position, Rabindranath Tagore House in the third and Chandrashekhar House in the fourth position.

Inter House One Act Play - 2022

JGIS organized Inter House ‘One Act Play’ Competition on 30th September, 2022. All the four houses of the school presented English One Act Plays with various themes. The acting skills of the students generated a thunderous applause from the audience.

The performances were judged by

Ms. Monica Gupta, she is a freelance writer, creative writing coach, published author, and Vice President of Ahmedabad Book Club.

Inter House Quiz (IX-XII) – 2022

JGIS conducted its Annual Inter House Quiz Contest on 16th September, 2022. The contest comprised different rounds like: Mixed Bag, Rapid Fire, Who or What Am I?, Visual Rounds etc. covering a wide variety of topics like History, Geography, Current Affairs, Science,  Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Sports and Entertainment. RT House won the contest, AS House stood Second, JB House secured the Third Position and CS stood Fourth. The audience too got their share of questions which made the experience exciting for everyone.

Inter House English Declamation - 2022

Inter House Declamation Competition was organized for classes V to VIII to hone the oratory skills of the students. A declamation speech is the term used to describe the re-giving of an important or famous speech. This method of teaching was used in ancient Greece where public speaking was considered a necessary art for anybody embarking on a career in public service. The speaker re-interprets the original speech and reproduces its power afresh.

Inter House English Recitation - 2022

The inter house English poem recitation competition was held on 8th July, 2022. The competition was divided into three category: Sub- Junior- class IV-V, Junior- class VI- VII and Senior- class VIII- IX. The teachers in charge were- Mitisha Lalwani, Steffi Thomas.

Judges for the same were- Ms. Neelam Rathi and Ms. Yasmin Khan.

Scorers were- Ms. Vijayalalita, Ms. Shannon and Ms. Soma.

The following were the winners of the competition-