Carnival - 2024

Education is not about paper degrees; more so in this competitive world where one needs the necessary skills to be a proactive member and contribute to societal proceedings. It is with this objective in mind that the carnival was held- to showcase the inherent potential of the budding children on campus and to instill confidence in them by way of interacting with parents and visitors.

Carnival - 2023

On 21st January, 2023, Saturday, JG International School had organised its Carnival, ‘Expressions – An Arena of Creations and Innovations’.  This event exhibited the talents of the students in various Academic concepts and Co- Curricular Activities for which they were trained all through the year. The carnival included Open House, where the students of Pre-Primary displayed the academic concepts they had learnt, in a creative way.

Fete Fiesta - 2023

The Fete Fiesta organized on our school ground on 20th and 21st January, 2023, was a grand success. It was a part of the students’ extracurricular activities. Students with the guidance and assistance from their teachers set up multiple stalls of some interesting fun games like Lucky Seven, Flip O’ Fun, Smash the Spire, Score a Goal etc.

Carnival - 2017

Expressions- A carnival of Creations was a Feast to everyone’s Eye.  It was the Open House of Holding Section and Activity Display of classes V to VIII.  The show was inaugurated by the Parent who was our first guest.  JGIS School was decorated all over which stunned every visitor.  Students of Holding section  who were from Senior KG to Classes  IV performed various activities based on  the concepts related to all the subjects included in their curriculum.

Carnival - 2016

JG International school, Sola Road, presented its Annual Display of Activities  “Expressions- A Carnival of Creations- 2016“ on 30th January, 2016. This event exhibited the talents of our students in various Co-Curricular Activities for which they were trained all through the year. Activities included Dramatics, Calligraphy, Electronics, Dance, Aerobics, Do It Yourself[ Plumbing, Tailoring, Carpentry etc ] Music [Vocal/ Instrumental ] Art , Embroidery,  Painting and the School band. They put their heart and soul for the success of this show.

Carnival - 2015

‘Open House’ was organized on 31st  t January,2015 for classes to VIII.The students of showcased all the themes and concepts of English, Maths and EVS covered in the class throughout the year. Each and every child participated in it.They displayed their communication skills through telling picture stories, sentence maker game, explanation of concepts like Pictograph, Venn Diagram, Tens and units, Ascending and Descending order through Montessori aids.