February 2023

Lit Fest (Class-III) - 2023

The most awaited event after two years, the 3rd edition of JGIS Lit Fest began with the lighting of the lamp by our Chairman Dr. M.P. Chandran. The novel Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator was introduced in the form of a TV show performed by Rudraksh Paitandi, Naisha Patel, and Advait Anandharaman, which was a brilliant opening of the event by them.

Lit Fest (Class-I) - 2023

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world”. Students of class I presented the novel “The Great Storyteller” on 7th February 2023. Students showcased their talents through dance and drama, focusing on the importance of storytellers in everyone’s lives. Stories restore imagination and instill hope again and again.

Ms. Anuja Amin was the chief guest for the day.

Lit Fest (Class-II) - 2023

Literature Festival for Class II was held on 3rd February, 2023. Book for the day was “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. It is one of the most significant provocative works in world literature. Class II students did full justice to the novel and were able to take the audience to an entirely magical realm. The auditorium was resonating with thunderous applause. Guest for the day Ms. Sangeeta shared her life experiences. Honorable Chairman Dr. M. P. Chandran appreciated and blessed the students and teacher for their hard work.

Lit Fest (Class-VII) - 2023

The 7th day of the Lit Fest at JG International School commenced by welcoming the parents and the Chief Guest of the day - Mr. Umashanker Yadav, the founder director of the Ahmedabad International Literature Festival founded in 2016, the Chairman, Dr M.P. Chandran, Ms Uma Oza and the Principal, Dr Kavita Sharma. The anchors of the day, Chaarvi Jain, Drishya Vaidya and Ahana Paul initiated the Fest by introducing the plays and interacting with the audience. 


Visit to Traffic Park (Class-II) - 2023

Students of class II visited Traffic Park, Ahmedabad on 17th February,2023 as a part of POI unit “Communication”. They explored the “Traffic Park” and were able to use their knowledge and identify the signage. They interacted with the guide of the park and gathered information related to the same. Students followed the signage and enjoyed riding the bicycle. It was a wonderful experience for students.