Presentation by class IV - 2018

“Be a Hero. Always say, I have no fear”.

This famous quote by Swami Vivekananda inspired Grade IV Diamond to showcase the class presentation on “FEAR”. We all are born with fear or acquire fear with some unfortunate experiences. Students of class IV displayed an insight of fear that we have in common and how effortlessly we can eradicate it from our lives.

Fear is a natural response in all of us. It keeps us safe. We all have few common fears that startle our mind for instance stage fright, lack in confidence, spot light,  people’s comments on our actions, unpreparedness and many more… Thus the body prepares itself to response in a state of fight or flight mode until our brain receives all clear message. When we confront fear, we come across various responses. FEAR IS LEARNED. FEAR CAN BE UNLEARNED AND IF NOT THEN THIS WILL LEAD TO PHOBIA. A phobia is actually a fear of fear and it is curable.

What good are wings without the courage to fly. Students portrayed a great understanding of what fear is, it’s various types and different strategies to face fear through a fabulous performance onstage.