Pre-primary Annual Day - 2019

Perseverance- A Virtue Of Life, was the theme of the Annual Day of Pre Primary section, held on Saturday 16/03/2019.The show took place in the school auditorium from 10.30 am onwards. The Chief Guests of the function were Mrs. and Mr. Marar, a parent of JGIS student.

A story of a woman, who never stops dreaming and yearning. Despite being faced by all the odds of life, she is very passionate for finding ways and means to find happiness at every twist and turn in life. In the process, she spreads happiness and brings a smile to every individual she comes across. Children showcased the same in a form of skit speaking dialogues with confidence, followed with dances, performed flawlessly. Every dance was related to each quality. The show culminated with a strong message of Being Perseverant, Humble, Empathetic, Generous and Loving.

Good coordination was seen on the stage.

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