Lit - Fest (Class VIII)

It was the second season of Lit Fest 2018-19, on JG campus. Each of the assembly held throughout the Lit Fest highlighted literature beyond what is taught in the classroom. Lingua Café came up alive with Wax Museum and its characters, the purpose of this fest was not only to provide entertainment, but also to celebrate and emphasize the importance of writing, reading, expressing and listening beyond what is taught in classroom.

Reputed guest Ms. Manju Bhatnagar, gave her valuable feedback to students. Children were eager to know her experience as a writer and enjoyed the replies given by her. Everyone present during the event was amazed by the performance of the students. On 11th February, grade VIII took up two beautiful stories of ‘The Happy Prince’ and ‘The Fisherman and his Soul ‘from the collection of stories by Oscar Wilde.