Lit - Fest (Class VII)

Grade VII throughout the year has read the novel Malgudi Days written by R. K. Narayan and on 8th February, 2019 they brought to life the stories from this novel. The chief guest was Ms. Anurita Rathore who is a senior journalist and media professional, with an experience that spans two decades. Along with her fair for writing, she is engaged with several creative initiatives in arts, literature and lifestyles. Parents of Grade VII students were specially invited to witness the amusing plays put up by the students.

The IGCSE had enacted ‘The Astrologer’s Day’ which explores the theme of fear and how far a man might go in order to overcome fear and the students of ICSE presented ‘Forty-five a Month’ a story which gives an insight about a middle class family in India.  It clearly illustrates the innocence of a young girl (Shanta), the dedication of her father towards work, guilt and frustration of her father as he could not give enough time to his family and selfishness of the office people. Both the plays were deeply admired by the audience as the stories depicted touched the hearts of the audience.

At the end of the plays, one of the parents congratulated all the actors and expressed her gratitude towards the school for providing various opportunities to enhance the learning of the students through various creative activities. The chief guest was enthralled by the performance of the students and she appreciated the efforts of the school for the all-round development of the students. Later, Hrithik Patel (a student of class VIII) conducted an interview in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ format following the example of Rajat Sharma. He asked Ms. Anurita  Rathore to stand behind the dock and asked her questions related to professional achievements, her interests and her inspiration.