Lit - Fest (Class VI) 2019

Lit Fest was conducted in JGIS from 04/02/2019 till 12/02/2019. On 7th February, Grade 6 had performed a short act of the novel ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’ by Norton Juster. The Chief Guest for the event was Ms. Meera Trivedi. She is a radio broadcaster and has hosted many shows with BBC Radio. All the parents of Grade 6 were invited to watch the programme. The day ended with meeting a famous personality’s spirit in the Wax Museum at the Lingua Café. And then the Chief Guest was also called to give her valuable feedback. Mrs. Meera Trivedi shared her experiences of interviewing different personalities from different fields. We witnessed 3 great personalities on the same day. Two from the field of music and one from art background through innovative way of presentation. It was a wonderful experience for the performers and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the show.