Lit - Fest (Class IV) 2019

Students of class IV presented their novel “The Wizard of Oz” by  L. Frank Baum on 04-02-19 in the school auditorium, in the form of a play. The story was divided into three parts and thus the main characters were portrayed by the students of all the three sections. The chief guest for the day was Ms. Kusum Chopra. A woman’s point of view, empathy in examining logically, and verbal emoting characterize her writing.

Students through this novel learnt that the solution to our problems are within us, we just need to realise them at the right time. The wax statue of JRD Tata came alive in the Lingua Café on the 1st day of the LIT Fest and everyone got a glimpse of his life.

Students from classes I to VIII and the parents of the respective class (who were the participants) witnessed the program. The objective of the Lit Fest was not only to emphasize the importance of writing, reading and listening beyond what is taught in classroom but also to give an opportunity to showcase their talent and become stage friendly.