Lit - Fest (Class III) 2019

‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, a novel written by Roald Dahl ,was read by the students of grade III throughout the year. Therefore, on 5th February 2019 the novel was brought alive by the students themselves in the form of a play and dance. The Chief guest for the day was Ms. Sargam Majrawala, a textile designer by profession, turned into a baker and confectioner by passion. A special invitation was given to the parents too, to witness the show and encourage the students. 

      Roald Dahl uses a book about chocolate, the ultimate indulgence, to relay a message about the dangers of greed. All four of the naughty children are greedy in some way: Augustus is a glutton; Veruca is a spoiled brat; Violet is greedy for gum, and Mike is greedy for television. This book illustrates how greed can consume and ultimately destroy a person, particularly children, since each child is changed forever as a result of his or her greed.

Thus , the purpose of this festival is not only to provide entertainment, but to celebrate and emphasize the importance of writing beyond what is required in school. The novel ‘Best Days of my Life’ was also brought into light by the students of grade V in form of a chat show and the characters of Wax museum came alive.  The chief guest Ms.  Sargam Majrawala  appreciated the students for the performance and applauded the school for taking such initiative. The day was a big hit and enjoyable.