Graduation Ceremony - Sr.KG (2019)

The Graduation Ceremony of Sr. KG was held on Wednesday 19th March, 2019 at 10.30 am.

56 students of batch 2018-19 were graduated from Pre Primary to Primary Level. Graduation Certificates were given out to the children by the Chief Guests one by one.

The Chief Guests for the event were our very own, Head Girl- Harakh Patel, Head Boy- Harsh Gadhiya and Sports Captain- Divyesh Karelia.

Children wore black graduation Capes and Hats.The ceremony was attended by Parents of the children of Sr.KG.

The event was also attended by our Executive Director,, Mr. M.P. Chandran, CEO, Mr. KL.N. Shastri and Teacher Educator, Ms. Uma Oza.

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