Field trip of Class IV to Vichaar Utensil Museum, Vishala - 2019

We the students of Class IV visited The Vichaar Utensil Museum, Vishala on12th April, 2019. We went there to observe variety of precious utensils which reflects our culture, heritage, lifestyle and traditions of the ancient era. The museum was one of its kind in its village-like environment in the city. It took almost 38 years for the connoisseur, Mr. Surendrabhai Patel to collect these utensils.

This place is visited by many celebrities and famous personalities like Indira Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni and many more.

The visit to the museum made us feel that we are in that same era. There were more than 4000 vessels displayed extraordinarily. Some were enormous and some were small and they were categorized according to their usage.

We observed many varieties of pots. Different shapes and different sizes highlighted the usage of pots for different purpose. Certain pots had a specific curved neck for letting the women carry it properly.

There were different sized water bottles meant for travelling purposes. The carved doors and glasses showcased the brilliant creativity of about 100 to 1000 years old artisans.

There were gigantic vessels for storage, huge locks and keys, tiffin boxes for keeping food, cash box for keeping money, spouted pots for pouring ghee and oil, vessels for washing hands, nearly 200 years old coffee filters from south, around 700 nutcrackers, musical instruments and diverse kitchen ware that reflected their day to day life.

Apart from vessels, the magnificent 3-D model of Taj Mahal assembled by Saleem Sheikh using 75000 match sticks in the time duration of a year and 19 days which went ahead to win the National Award, was mind boggling.

This amazing experience shed light on the scientific temperament of the people and the how the need for a better  life changed the styles with modification from one era to the other.

Compiled by

Aashna Mehta(IV- A), Palaash Patel (IV-A), Kavin Shah (IV- A), Sanchal Sancheti (IV-B), Varaa Kanuga(IV- C), Jaival Patel (IV- C).

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