Field Trip of Class IV to Gokul Water Purification Plant - 2019

Class IV  had organized an educational trip to Gokul  Water Purification Plant, Gota on 16th April, 2019. The purpose for this trip was to learn more about water purification under our Programme of Inquiry  topic “Water”.

This water plant is divided into four divisions. First we went to the Bottle Making Unit, where they took thick plastic test tubes called Preform in a blowing machine. The preform expanded due to high heat and air pressure and took the shape of a bottle.

Underground water is almost 800 to 1000 ft deep and its TDS level is more than 1000 which is harmful for us. Huge pipe connected underground water to the RO Plant. Here,  three cylinders were connected to each other that contained ozone, oxygen and chemicals to reduce TDS level.

Pipe was connected to the automatic water filling machine, where bottles were getting filled and they were capped automatically. There was a staff person, who was checking the level of TDS. The filled water bottles are then  labelled  and  packed in a group of 12.

It was an amazing experience for us to see how water gets purified and how people work together in a team. After observing this lengthy process, we felt that we should not waste water.

Compiled by

Aashna Mehta (IV-A), Naavya Joshi(IV-B), Reyansh Patadia(IV-C), Avya Patel (IV-B),  Param Patel (IV-B), Raj Kapasi (IV-B), Angaj Adhikari (IV-C), Nitya Bhatt (IV-C)

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