Field trip of class III to Fire Station - 2019

We visited a Fire station at Memnagar on 10th April, 2019 at 10:00am. We visited Fire station as a part of our social studies topic “Public Services”. We were divided into three different groups so that the different fire officers could assist us and explain how they deal with an emergency.

The emergency number for fire emergency is 101. Once when we give a call all the fire fighters in that fire station come together and plan the rescue operation. Initially, they send a mini rescue van to check the intensity of fire and decide which fire vehicle has to be taken at the accident site as there are vehicles with water tank of different capacities. There were two different types of hose pipe -narrow and broad. They showed us their costume that protects them during the operation. Their uniform consists of boots, helmet, overcoat and mask if needed. We were also introduced to rescue vehicles that had different equipments like wood cutter, metal cutter which are used at the time of emergency like someone stuck in lift or when a building collapses, cases of drowning, etc.

We learned a lot about fire station. There are 17 fire stations in Ahmedabad and 18th is under construction. I enjoyed my trip and learned a very important information- a firefighter not only helps in extinguishing fire but also assists in different kinds of rescue operations.


Report by: Darsh Shah  -  III Sky

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