Field Trip of Class II to Traffic Park - 2019

              We the students of Grade II went to Children’s Traffic Park on 11th April, 2019 as a part of “Communication Unit” to learn about signage and traffic rules.

         First, we watched videos about Traffic rules. We learnt that while driving we should wear seat belt and should not use phone. We should not run on road and should see left and right before crossing the road. We should not be in hurry while boarding a bus and should not take our hands or head out of the moving bus or car.

         Then, we went for a tour of the park with a guide. She explained us about traffic rules and signage. We observed different signage like No parking, No U-Turn, Crossroads, No smoking, and many others. We saw models of bus stop, petrol pump, railway crossing, pedestrian bridge, ambulance and traffic lights

       Finally, we went for the most exciting part of the visit, riding the cycles. We followed all traffic rules while cycling. It was fun and we enjoyed this field trip.

                                                                                    Written by,

                                                                             Taksh Jain - II Ganga, Tiyanshika Shrivastava - II Krishna

                                                                                                                                                                and   Zainab Nagamia II Narmada

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