Fete Fiesta – 2024

Life is about celebrations, vibrancy and cherishing those joyous moments that create everlasting memories; memories that help calm the mind, bring bliss to one’s existence and create a sense of happiness that otherwise eludes us in this mad rush of going through time lines and schedules.

JGIS strongly believes in striking this balance on campus with a fine blend of academic rigor and joyous moments of fun and activity based entertainment that not only challenges one’s potential but also helps one relax in the process. It is towards this objective that the fete fiesta was celebrated on campus. Fete- celebrations- is something that staff members and students look forward to in this deliberate effort to create a raised happiness quotient on campus. Needless to say, parents too are part of this wonderful endeavor as they too savor and participate in this bonhomie of joy and ecstasy.

The fete fiesta was a two day fun-filled affair starting on the 19th January, 2024 and culminating on 20th January, 2024. The mega event saw students and teachers put up stalls that had activities ranging from tattoo making, striking a cricket ball, striking bull’s eye with darts, dilating the diaphragm (throwing a ball into a complex maze and ensuring it reaches a certain destination) to shooting a football on a set target, horror house, throwing coins into a marked circle in a bucket and various other activities. The participants had to pay a token fee for their indulgence and the money collected would later be donated towards a charitable cause. Food stalls and dress material stalls were the other attractions. The Tambola segment was orchestrated and executed with clinical precision by the Head of the Institution, Dr. Kavita Sharma who ensured that the footfalls stayed in place resonating to the enthusiasm that she created in her style and manner. This was accompanied by the rendering of soulful and melodious songs by the music teachers who made the atmosphere all the more lively cheerful. The day saw a massive footfall with parents and children enjoying the evening and relishing every moment to take home fond and everlasting memories. Kudos to the Principal Dr. Kavita Sharma and the management at JGIS for initiating such events that foster and nurture bonhomie, happiness and blissful memories.