Carnival - 2024

Education is not about paper degrees; more so in this competitive world where one needs the necessary skills to be a proactive member and contribute to societal proceedings. It is with this objective in mind that the carnival was held- to showcase the inherent potential of the budding children on campus and to instill confidence in them by way of interacting with parents and visitors.

The entire idea was nothing short of a grand display of skill based themes universal in appeal and yet grounded in the very basis and roots of education pedagogy where practical aspects of learning are applied threadbare in the real world. The entire event had topics ranging from a tech club that showcased apps and games, electronics gadget display that showed 2D platter, wireless communication and digital lock in its full array to core areas like science and math being uncovered, discovered and the inherent creativity unleashed by the respective students manning the stalls. Apart from core areas, soft skills and cultural aspects of the learning program were also on show as students enthralled the audience with artistic display of karate and aesthetic nuances of dance movements. This was very well complemented by the music orchestra rendering soulful and melodious numbers utilizing the full extent of percussion instruments. Parents, students and staff members savored the wonderful delicacies dished out by the students as part of their culinary show. Skating tricks remained juxtaposed with karate antics as the atmosphere was charged with fiery kata skills and fire ring antics that the students put up.

The day saw a massive foot fall with members of the audience enjoying the show and appreciating the immense talent showcased. Their wards brimming with unending confidence as they stood geared up to take on the world in its full glory brought an added smile to their lips.

Everybody lauded the perseverance and the relentless efforts of the Head of the Institution, Dr. Kavita Sharma who left no stone unturned in ensuring that the holistic development of children envisaged by the founding fathers of JGIS culminated on a grand scale.