Annual Sports Meet - 2023-24

On the crisp morning of 6th January, 2024, laughter and excitement filled the air at JG International School Ground as students, teachers, and esteemed guests gathered for a day of camaraderie and athletic prowess. The event was graced by the warm presence of our beloved Chairman, Dr. M P Chandran, the ever-inspiring Principal, Dr. Kavita Sharma, and Ms. Rema Nair, Manager of Parent Relations and Academics.

Dr. M P Chandran ignited the torch of sportsmanship, a beacon of passion that would guide us through the day's events. Following this, the chairman led us in an oath, reminding us of the values that make sports not just a competition, but a celebration of fairness, integrity, and respect.

The ground came alive with energy as students showcased their talents in various races, each step echoing the determination and spirit of sportsmanship. The 20-20 relay race, a unique challenge, brought teams together in a beautiful display of coordination and teamwork, fostering connections that went beyond the race itself.

Cheers erupted as Chandrashekhar House (CS House) emerged victorious, and the joy on the face of their captain, Fenil Shah senior House captain and Tani Acharya Senior Vice-Captain accepted the Victory Trophy from the chairman on behalf of the entire house.

The day culminated in a poignant beating retreat, a symbolic moment where the JG Flag was carefully folded and passed from one hand to another. It started with the house captains, each representing the essence of their houses, and ended with the Principal, Dr. Kavita Sharma, graciously accepting the flag. This ritual marked not just the end of the event but a collective acknowledgment of the shared experiences and memories created throughout the day.

Beyond the races and awards, the Annual Sports Meet at our school was a day of connection, of celebrating each other's successes, and building memories that would remain in our hearts forever.