Annual Day Celebration - 2023

JG International School celebrated its 18th Annual Day Programme on 23rd December, 2023. The event commenced with a soulful invocation seeking the blessings of the almighty, setting a harmonious tone for the evening. The programme unfolded with grandeur as Dr. Avni Shah, a distinguished academician, graced the occasion as the esteemed chief guest. The event was graced with the presence of the Chairman of JG International school, Dr. M.P. Chandran and the other members of the ACT.

The spotlight shone on the students as they were felicitated for their commendable achievements in both academics and sports. The atmosphere buzzed with pride and applause as the school celebrated the diverse talents within its student body.


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The central theme of the evening revolved around "The Psychology of Colours," infusing the event with vibrant hues and meaningful insights. Students presented captivating performances, showcasing the psychological impact of colours on emotions and perceptions.

A momentous highlight was the presentation of awards, where Ms. Saswati Bhattacharya was honoured with the prestigious Chairman's Award for her exceptional contributions as a teacher. Additionally, Dhruvi Pandya was recognized as the Best Student of the Year, a testament to her outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements.

The 18th Annual Day Programme not only celebrated the accomplishments of the students but also served as a platform for inspiration and motivation, leaving an indelible mark on the school's legacy.