Field Trip/Tour/Picnic

Field Trip To Orsang (Class-III) - 2022

A fun filled adventure camp was organized at Orsang Resort near Vadodara on 13th and 14th October, 2022 for the students of Class III. The children had a variety of challenging and exciting activities. They did various adventurous activities like Zip Line, Flying Fox, Swing Jump, Burma Bridge, Hanging Zag, Rope Walk, Tyre Walk and Commando Net. These activities helped to strengthen teamwork and gave them a sense of personal accomplishment. It helps to boost their confidence and learn to manage their tasks independently. They had an amazing campfire experience too.

Field Trip to Dev's Camp (Class-II) - 2022

The students of Grade II went for 2 days and 1 night educational trip to “Dev’s Camp” near Vadodara. They started their journey on 13th October, 2022 early morning. They went by bus and the excitement and fun began by singing and dancing in the bus. They had their breakfast in the bus. After a journey of 3 and a half hours they reached the destination “Dev’s Camp”. It is an ecological and adventure park for nature lovers.

Field Trip to Sundarvan (Pre-Primary) – 2022

Milky swans, clucky chicken, or even a slithering snake, brings the delight on a child’s face, especially when they interact with them. However, there is much more to children and animal interactions, than meets the eye. When children have opportunities to spend time with animals, it’s about much more than just stimulating their senses. Yes, they love furry cuddles and experiencing the different ways that animals look, eat, move, sound and feel.

Field Trip to Indroda Park (Class-IV) - 2022

An educational field visit was organized by JG International School for Grade IV on 28th September, 2022, Wednesday. The main objective of this visit was to make students aware of the different plant adaptations in different biomes. Since the students had already learnt about plant adaptations in various biomes, it was a great opportunity for them to relate theoretical knowledge with practical observation.


Field Trip of Jr.KG to Aquarium - 2019

Children of Jr. KG Rose and Sunflower went to Kankaria Aquarium on Wednesday 16/10/2019. The Field Trip was related to their theme Sea Creatures. Children were amused seeing different types of fishes, their colours and sizes. They could name the different parts of the body of fishes. Some could even remember the names of different fishes. After visiting the aquarium, children also walked around the lake, made small observations of the surrounding and conversed with one another using good vocabulary.