Visit To Science City- Aquatic Gallery (Class – Jr. KG) – 2023

Teaching children about ocean animals is very important as 75% of earth’s surface is covered with ocean. They can affect weather, food, temperature and even our life as 70%-80% of oxygen is supplied by marine plants. The never-ending water body is filled with various aquatic animals that are interesting, unique and mysterious. Although we have explored only five percent of the water bodies, we have already discovered around 230,000 species. 

The Aquatics gallery at Science City is India’s largest public aquarium with state-of-the-art life support systems designed and curated to give a memorable journey of the underwater world. The aquarium consists of different tanks dedicated to aquatic species from across the world with a main tank consisting of sharks and a 28-meter unique walkway tunnel, providing a unique experience. And you cannot miss to see our cute little African penguins. Here one can get a glimpse of over 188 species and 11600 fishes under one roof.

On that note, the children of Jr.KG visited the Aquatic Gallery at Science City on 15th September 2023, during school hours. It gave an opportunity for children to improve their vocabulary. As they saw the creatures up close and personal, they had a better understanding of the names and characteristics of marine life. It also helped in them improving their social and emotional skills also.