Lit Fest

Lit Fest

Lit Fest (Class-VIII) – 2024

On 14th February, 2024, the eighth day of the JGIS LIT FEST, the students of Class-VIII presented a stupendous performance of two plays based on their novels ‘Ahimsa’ by Supriya Kelkar and ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R. Tolkien. The play portrayed the elements of patriotism, equality, untouchability and unity. The efforts of a small girl and the determination that came out of her innocent mind became a reason for equal education opportunities for the marginalized section of the society.

Lit Fest (Class-VII) – 2024

On 13th February, 2024, the seventh day of the JGIS LitFest, the students of class VII showcased a commendable level of commitment when they showcased a story 'The Homecoming' from their novel, 'Tales from Rabindranath Tagore' and The Diary of a Young Girl - Anne Frank'. The performance resonated with the audience through its emotional depth and engaging character portrayals. This story left a very heartening message: There is no place like home and the importance of appreciating and finding contentment in one’s roots and the simplicity of home.

Lit Fest (Class-V) – 2024

On 8th February, 2024 the students of Class-V portrayed a heartwarming story called Charlotte’s Web written by E.B White. It was a story which strengthened the momentousness of values such as selflessness and commitment in friendship. The students were able to bring the novel characters to life by their magnificent facial expressions, body language and eye contact. The play had enthusiastic dancers who were extremely agile and took the play to the next level. The play characters were completely involved in their role and performed it with complete conviction.

Lit Fest (Class-I) – 2024

On 7th February, 2024, the 3rd day of the JGIS LIT FEST, the students of Class-I, showcased their talents by presenting the book, The Cat in The Hat by Dr. Suess. The chief guest for the day was Mr. Dhvanit Thaker, the popular RJ from Radio Mirchi, a Gujarati singer and actor who is currently associated with philanthropic activities.  

Lit Fest (Class-II) - 2024

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world”. Students of Class-II presented the novel “Alice in Wonderland” on 6th February, 2024. Students showcased their talents through dance and drama. Emphasis was given to the development of all different kinds of skills so that each student gets exposure. Stories restore imagination and instill hope again and again.

Ms. Abhignya Sajja, an author and writer was the chief guest for the day.

Lit Fest (Class-IV) – 2024

On the inaugural day of the JGIS LIT FEST 2023-24, the students of Class IV  showcased their talents by presenting stories from Ruskin Bond's "Thick as Thieves" on 5th February, 2024. Through their proficient acting and confident oration, they skillfully conveyed the significance of friendship and the impact of school life on everyone. The skit not only highlighted the role of teachers in shaping students' lives but also incorporated humorous moments, music, and dance, leaving the audience in awe.

Lit Fest (Class-VIII) - 2023

The students of grade VIII IGCSE presented one of the best fictional novels - The Hobbit on 10th February, 2023. The play revolves around the protagonist Bilbo Baggins, who is persuaded and guided by Gandulf to set out on a journey with thirteen militant dwarves who were embarking on a great quest to reclaim their treasure from the marauding dragon, Smaug, in which Bilbo had to act as their Burglar.

Lit Fest (Class-VII) - 2023

The 7th day of the Lit Fest at JG International School commenced by welcoming the parents and the Chief Guest of the day - Mr. Umashanker Yadav, the founder director of the Ahmedabad International Literature Festival founded in 2016, the Chairman, Dr M.P. Chandran, Ms Uma Oza and the Principal, Dr Kavita Sharma. The anchors of the day, Chaarvi Jain, Drishya Vaidya and Ahana Paul initiated the Fest by introducing the plays and interacting with the audience. 


Lit Fest (Class-VI) - 2023

The 6th day of the Lit Fest on 8th February, 2023 at JG International School was a vibrant celebration of literature and diverse voices. With plays, panel discussion and interactive session with the chief guest of the day Ms. Jumana Shah, an acclaimed journalist, Ms. Uma Oza, a teacher educator,  and our Principal Dr. Kavita Sharma.

Lit Fest (Class-I) - 2023

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world”. Students of class I presented the novel “The Great Storyteller” on 7th February 2023. Students showcased their talents through dance and drama, focusing on the importance of storytellers in everyone’s lives. Stories restore imagination and instill hope again and again.

Ms. Anuja Amin was the chief guest for the day.

Lit Fest (Class-V) - 2023

Class V had their Lit Fest presentation on 6th February, 2023. The guest of honour for the day was Mr Shreetej Bhatt accompanied by our teacher educator Ms Uma Oza.

The performance was based on the novel read by the children of class V throughout the year. JG Lit Fest is a platform provided by the school to its students to showcase their teamwork, acting and spontaneity. The fest witnessed the performance based on the novel ‘The adventures of Tom Sawyer’.

Lit Fest (Class-II) - 2023

Literature Festival for Class II was held on 3rd February, 2023. Book for the day was “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. It is one of the most significant provocative works in world literature. Class II students did full justice to the novel and were able to take the audience to an entirely magical realm. The auditorium was resonating with thunderous applause. Guest for the day Ms. Sangeeta shared her life experiences. Honorable Chairman Dr. M. P. Chandran appreciated and blessed the students and teacher for their hard work.