Trip to Dwarka (Class – V) – 2023

An educational trip was organized for Class - V to Dwarka from 4th October to 7th October, 2023. It was a trip worth cherishing and one of its kind.

We commenced our journey on day – 1 by train at 5:00 am in the morning. This journey was filled with joy, laughter and sharing with children. After a comfortable journey we arrived at Okha port and enjoyed a refreshing ride in the Arabian Sea to Beyt Dwarka. The blue sea gave a soothing effect to our eyes. The children became keen observers during this ride and observed various birds and suspension bridges. They also learnt to be independent by carrying luggage by themselves throughout the journey. We ended the day with setting up our belongings in the Swiss tent and also a rejuvenating evening at the beach side.

Day - 2 started with the students sharing their unique experiences on staying in the tents where they learnt about the importance of coexistence with nature. Next, we went for marine exploration where the students were imbibed with scientific knowledge of crabs, turtles, scorpions etc. The locals did a commendable job in showing the students live organisms. The students also understood about the texture of sand and its healing properties by taking a mud bath and enjoying it to the core. Next, we packed our belongings and started our journey to Dwarka city. Here we settled at a new location and proceeded for our visit to Dwarka temple. Here, the students were enlightened about the rich history and culture of our heritage.

On Day-3 We went for Dolphin exploration at Beyt Dwarka followed by water activities at Shivrajpur beach. The dolphin exploration was indeed an amusing experience as the students understood about the nature of dolphins and were amazed at them being such kind mammals. Later, we enjoyed water activities like scuba diving, banana ride and duck ride. The students were keen and learnt how to overcome their fears and be bold enough to get into the ride. After an eventful day at the beach we were ready to get back to our hotel and go off to sleep.

The last day was a return train journey to Ahmedabad. It was a memorable voyage with a lot of pleasant memories.