Gradutation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony of Sr. KG – 2023

All rites of passage mark a special meaning, a special emotion, and it's a pleasure to have an opportunity to do that. So it is a blessed and memorable occasion with heads held high, and anxiety in the minds of the young students.

The Graduation Ceremony of Sr. KG was held on 15th March, 2023.

58 students of batch 2022-23 were graduated from Preprimary to Primary Level. Graduation Certificates were handed to children by the Chief Guests one by one.

Graduation Ceremony - 2022

Graduation Ceremony for the students of class X and XII batch2021-22 ISC, AS Level and IBDP II was held on 30/06/22 in the auditorium from 5:00 p.m.

The students marched in the auditorium with their coordinators followed by lightning of the lamp by the dignitaries.

JG anthem was sung with pride.

The principal addressed the students and blessed them.

All the students were invited by their coordinators and were felicitated by our honourable chairman Dr M.P.Chandran.