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  • Visit to Botanical Garden (Class-V) - 2023

    An educational trip was organized to Serenity Botanical Garden on 19thApril, 2023 for the students of class V as a part of Science unit “Interdependence of Plants and Animals”. We were led to the garden, where we could find a variety of plants. Out of all these plants, students are sure to remember those that had odd characteristics. Students were also involved in the activity of Bird Watching which was well integrated with the Social Studies topic of “Mapping”.

  • Farewell (Class-XII) – 2023

    On 29th March, 2023, the school organized a farewell party for Batch 2022-23, which was a blend of mixed emotions. The event was held at 5:00 p.m. and was based on the theme of purple, pink, and silver, magnificently chosen by the XI Graders.

    The party began with the presentation of corsages and boutonnieres to the seniors at the entrance by the XI Graders. The seniors were then presented with citations as a parting token of love from the school.

  • Graduation ceremony (Class – XII) – 2023

    The Graduation Ceremony for the students of class XII batch 2022-23 ISC, A Level and IBDP II was held on 29th March, 2023. The occasion began with lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries. The students marched in the auditorium with their coordinators and the JG anthem was sung with pride. The Principal addressed the gathering by delivering welcome address. All the students were invited by their coordinators and were felicitated by our honorable Chairman, Dr. M.P. Chandran. The Chairman greeted the students and blessed them.

  • Graduation Ceremony of Sr. KG – 2023

    All rites of passage mark a special meaning, a special emotion, and it's a pleasure to have an opportunity to do that. So it is a blessed and memorable occasion with heads held high, and anxiety in the minds of the young students.

    The Graduation Ceremony of Sr. KG was held on 15th March, 2023.

    58 students of batch 2022-23 were graduated from Preprimary to Primary Level. Graduation Certificates were handed to children by the Chief Guests one by one.

  • Pre-Primary Annual Day – 2023

    “Do your little bit of good where you are, to overwhelm the world, because every act of kindness has its value, no matter how big or small. This was the message conveyed by the students of Preprimary Section of J.G. International School presenting ‘Ila’s Journey- A Tale Of Kindness’, on their Annual Day, held on 11th March, 2023. Children showcased the same in a form of skit, speaking dialogues with confidence, followed with dances, performed flawlessly. The show culminated with a strong message of Being Kind, Diligent and Show Gratitude.

  • Visit to Science City (IBDP- I & II) – 2023

    The students of IBDP I and II visited the Science city on 2nd March, 2023 to witness the Science Carnival organized by them.  It was a weeklong exhibition organized by the authorities of Science city to celebrate National Science Day which is celebrated on 28th February every year. It was a great learning experience for the students to see live demonstrations of some of the most complex science concepts.

  • Visit to Aquatic Park (Class-II) – 2023

    An educational trip was organized to Aquatic Park (Science City) on 1st March, 2023 Wednesday for students of grade II as a part of POI unit ‘Aquatic Animals and Their Adaptation’. It was an experiential learning where the students got acquainted with different types of aquatic animals like shark, beaver, puffer fish, star fish, turtles, lobster, penguin, etc and their adaptation. Students also observed their characteristics and special features that help them to survive in a specific habitat. It was an amazing experience for the students. 

  • Visit to Sarkhej Roza and Adalaj Stepwell (Class-I) – 2023

    An educational trip was organised to Sarkhej Roza and Adalaj Stepwell on 28th February, 2023, Tuesday for students of class I as a part of POI unit “My City”. It was an experiential learning where the children got acquainted with historical monuments. It was an exciting experience for the children to generate interest in historical buildings and develop their observational skills.

  • Visit to Science City- Aquatic Gallery (Class - I) - 2023

    An educational trip was organized to Science city -Aquatic gallery on 24th February’23, for students of class I as a part of Programme of Inquiry unit “Fish”. This experiential learning got children acquainted with different types of fishes like sharks, ray fish, eels and many more. They were amazed to see a wide variety of aquatic animals like penguins, frogs, and starfish. They also learned how each animal is different from the other based on their characteristics. It was an exciting experience and learning for the children.

  • Visit to Hathisingh Ni Wadi and Siddhi Sayed Ni Jali (Class-I) – 2023

    A field trip was organized for the students of class 1 to ‘Hathisingh Ni Wadi and Siddhi Sayed Ni Jhali’ on 23rd February, 2023 as part of the POI unit, “My City- Ahmedabad”. The purpose of the visit was to know more about the famous places of Ahmedabad and to show the rich culture and the heritage of the famous architecture done in the olden times on the monuments in Ahmedabad. Hathisingh Ni Wadi is a sacred Jain place to worship. The students were amazed to see the astonishing architecture of the temple.