Trip to Dev’s Camp (Class – II) – 2023

An educational trip was organized for the Class - II students on the 5th October, 2023 at Dev’s Camp, Kesharpura near Vadodara, Gujarat.

The primary objective of the trip was to expose students to various activities aimed at improving both individual skills and overall team spirit. The agenda of the trip was to show the children how to be close to nature and lead a life outside of their daily luxury which is now becoming so common.

Towards the above objective, the children were taken through various activities like - Morning Exercise, Zipline, Swing, Rain Dance, Adventure Junction, Go Karting, Trekking, Bush Trek in the Night, Star Gazing, Jungle Cooking, Tire Tumble, Cross Bridge, Aviary Viewing, Surfing Wall, Squire Squabble, Zig Zag, and DJ Night. .

The children thoroughly enjoyed their stay and all the activities. The children displayed a remarkable sense of responsibility in organizing and arranging their belongings in the dormitory they stayed in.

Overall, an event to remember which was filled with both entertainment and relevant experiences of learning.