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Our nation’s 73rd Republic Day was celebrated at JGIS, on 26th January, 2022 with immense patriotic fervour as is always the custom. The dignitaries for the event were the Chairman, Dr. M.P.Chandran, the Secretary, Mr.Joy Jose, the Treasurer, Mr.K.L.N Sastry, the Secretary ASIA, Mr.V.D.Prabhakaran, other Trustees, Members of the Managing Committee, the Principals and Staff Members of our extended family, other dignitaries and guests.

Pre-Primary Fancy Dress - 2021

Preprimary Online Fancy Dress Show was held for 6 days, having one class each day, starting from 09/09/2021 and ending on 16/09/2021. It was conducted online, starting with Sr.KG Marigold and ending with Nursery Tulip.

The themes were, Plant Kingdom for Sr.KG, Animal Kingdom for Jr.KG and Colors for Nursery.

Republic Day - 2021

The Republic Day was celebrated on 26th January, 2021. The dignitaries for the event were Chairman, ACT, Mr. K Mohanlal, Executive Director Dr. M. P. Chandran, other trustees and members of the Managing Committee, the Principals of various schools and colleges, other dignitaries, the Staff and parents.

Inter-House Just a Minute Competition - 2020

The online Inter-house Just a minute Competition from classes V-XII was held on 9th October, 2020. The esteemed judges for the event were Ms. Gauri Wagenaar, Ms. Nimisha Kane and Ms. Bindu Pillay.

Ms. Gauri Wagenaar has more than 30 years of experience in creative thinking in the Netherlands and India. She has lived in two cultures and speaks six languages. She has combined academic teaching with nuts-and-bolts advocacy to bridge the differences between corporate cultures.

Fancy Dress Show of Class I and II - 2020

The first online Fancy Dress Show for the students of Classes I and II was conducted by JG International School. The show was conducted for 6 days starting from September 25, 2020 and ended on October 5, 2020.

The purpose of conducting the show was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the students by giving them the opportunity to speak in front of the audience.

Inter-House English Declamation Competition (Classes V-VIII)

The online Inter-house English Declamation Competition for classes V to VIII was held on 7th August, 2020. The event was live streamed and presided over by the Principal, Dr. Kavita Sharma. The judges for the event were Ms. Medha Agarwal, an author, Ms. Harita Patel who was a freelance journalist with Times of India and is currently an empanelled trainer with Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat and Ms.

Inter-House English Recitation Competition (Classes III-VIII) 2020

The online Inter-house English Recitation Competition for classes III to VIII was held on 10​th​ July,2020. The event was live streamed and presided over by the Principal, Dr. Kavita Sharma. The judges for the event were Ms. Shilpa Thakkar, a dedicated educator, Ms. Uma Oza, an educationist deeply committed in helping schools build communities ​and Ms. Anar Shukla, an education researcher.​

Lit Fest - Class VIII - 2020

The final day of the JGIS Lit Fest 2020 began with an introduction to the short story, The Canterville Ghost, by Oscar Wilde. Two students, Manav and Angaj introduced the story as well as the chief guest with a rap song.

The students of class 8 ICSE presented the story of Sir Simon, the ghost, in an entertaining and creative manner. They tried to convey the message, “When we do something wrong to others, our soul would not get peace even after passing from the world.”

Lit Fest - Class VII- 2020

The day 7 of the JGIS Literature Festival was a successful journey, full of entertainment, humour and wit. The students of class 7 ICSE had put up a dramatic representation of the story   ‘A Hero’ from the novel Malgudi Schooldays by R.K Narayan.

The students successfully put forth the message that, “If one has courage he can do anything, strength and age are never a barrier for a courageous person.”

Lit Fest - Class VI - 2020

On day 6 of the Lit-Fest, students of Grade VI showcased a novel ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’ by Norton Juster.

Students took the initiative to read and analyze the novel over the time of this academic year. Towards the end, the team collaborated and put up the important glimpses of the story. They portrayed the relationship of numbers and words and even the importance of time in our life.

Mr. Himanshu Nainani,  a correspondent and a copywriter  graced the event as a chief guest for the day.

Lit Fest - Class V - 2020

‘The Best Days of My Life, a novel written by Ms. Scharada Dubey , was read by the students of grade V throughout the year. The novel was brought alive by the students in the form of a play and dance. The Chief guest for the day was Ms. Uma Oza , an immensely talented and deeply committed person. She is a teacher educator and a personal growth facilitator.  A special invitation was given to the parents too, to witness the show and encourage the students.