Ranthambore Field Trip (IBDP-I) - 2019

Ranthambhore is a place with history and wildlife. Along with its rich history, it is home for many animals and especially tigers. Class of IBDP Veritas visited Ranthambore during March, 2019 from 24th to 29th.

 It was a wonderful week for them with loads of fun and learning. They left Ahmedabad on 24th March and reached Ranthambore on 25th morning. As soon as they arrived at the hotel, they freshened up and departed to see the Ranthambore fort, which holds a rich history of love for family and a woman’s power when it comes to family. The next day, they went to a safari to see tigers, for what Ranthambore is famous for, but didn’t find any and that was disappointing yet they saw other local animals like monkeys, deer, crocodile, etc.. After lunch, they visited  a shop where women create and sell those handicrafts. After looking around for a while, students even tried to do those crafts using braids of cloth and making an animal out of it. On the third day in Ranthambore, they visited school for specially abled children and that was a happy time if I had to put it in a way because when the students were there, all of the special people had smiles on their face and excitement in their eyes. They all were so excited to show what they can do and that melted everyone’s heart. After lunch, the group visited Rajiv Gandhi Regional Museum of Natural History, which talked about the lifestyle and wildlife in Ranthambore. Their next stop was a lord Shiva temple, which was on a cliff. Interesting thing was on their way there, they saw a leopard, which comes everyday around 5.00 pm. On their last day in Ranthambore they did a few creative things. In the morning, they were given a task to make a poster out of the natural things like leaves, sticks, ash, etc... In this task, they had to make a poster about “Save Tigers” and all of them did a good job. Next, after lunch they visited a NGO, Dastkar Ranthambore, where they learned about Black Pottery and Block Printing, They tried it, and the results were fantastic. Later that night they departed for Ahmedabad and next morning, on 29th March, they reached school by 11:30 am.

 According to the reviews from the students, it was a relaxing yet thrilling trip and it was a good idea to go on a trip after exams to free their minds.