Workshop for Students, “Catch Your ‘I’, Be an Eye Catcher” – 2022

This day welcomed the second session of the workshops conducted by Principal ma’am in our school. “Catch your ‘I’, be an eye catcher”- this was the leading line that paved way for a plethora of self-discovery. We learnt about the tip of the iceberg- our external personality; our character- which resonates our inner self, what’s not seen at the surface; our values, our villains, our reality; as well as a myth-busting and eye-opening discussion about time management- what excuses we make on a daily basis, how we waste our time and how time actual manages us, not the other way around. This session allowed for students of both 11 and 12 to participate, once again in a very engaging manner, this workshop was vibrantly delivered, leaving everyone with a lifetime’s worth of tips to constantly discover, refresh and rediscover ourselves and our true potential.

Report by – Prisha Chandaria of A Level