November 2022

Trip to Rishikesh (Class - IX & XI) - 2022

12th November, 2022 – A trip to Haridwar and Rishikesh was organized for classes IX and XI. Students and accompanying teachers reported at Kalupur Railway Station at 5:00 p.m. We boarded Raj Express Train and reached New Delhi the next morning.

13th November, 2022 – From New Delhi, we travelled to Haridwar by bus. We checked in at Hotel Trimurti. In the evening, we went to the Ganga Mandir Ghat and witnessed the Maha-Ganga Aarti. We stayed in the hotel overnight.

Just a Minute Show (Class - V-XII) - 2022

JGIS organized Inter-House ‘Just a Minute’ show on 11th November, 2022.  All the four houses of the school participated for the event. Just a Minute’ is an event, which gives a platform to students to display their talents in any field. The participants exhibited their unique talents and creativity in one minute through various acts like recognizing colors and people by being blindfolded, leg hoola, doing 20 yoga poses in a minute, charcoal painting and classical dance on western music and so on.

Visit to Kankaria Zoo (Class-II) - 2022

An educational trip was organized to Kankaria Zoo on 15th November, 2022 Tuesday for students of grade II as a part of POI unit ‘Kinds of Animals and their Adaptation’. It was an experiential learning where in the children got acquainted with different types of animals and their adaptation. Children observed and explored various kinds of animals such as Terrestrial animals, Aerial animals, arboreal animals and Aquatic animals. They also observed their characteristics and special features that help them to survive in a specific habitat.

Visit to Parimal Garden (Class-I) - 2022

Earth is called the green planet due to the presence of plants on it. In order to extend  experiential learning about plants, the students of class 1 - Mercury, Mars and Venus went for field trip in Parimal Garden on 17th November, 2022. The students observed and identified parts of plants, types of plants and their size, shape, color, fruits, vegetable etc. It was a memorable learning experience for the little ones.

Visit to Science City- Aquatic Gallery (Class-Nursery) - 2022

The theme ‘Marine Life’, brings in lots of excitement, amusement, curiosity, and fun among children. Under the sea theme is a great way to introduce children to different environments and the topic of habitats. Children learn that different creatures need specific conditions to survive and thrive.

Children of Nursery visited the Aquatic Gallery at Science City on Friday, 18th November 2022 during school hours.

Visit to Vishala (Class-IV) - 2022

The students of Class IV went to visit the museum at Vishala restaurant on 22nd November, 2022.  The trip was arranged to study the ancient artefacts which were made and used 500 to 1000 years ago. The objective of this trip was to expose the students visually so that they relate to the Stone Age Unit in Social Studies. They observed the collection of storage utensils, travelling water cans, betel nut boxes, toys, churners, hand grinders and a variety of kitchenware. These artefacts were collected by Mr.

University Visit - 2022

A group of representatives of universities from Canada interacted with students of classes X and XII on 18th November, 2022. The officials briefed the students about the various courses offered by their universities. The students gathered all the information related to the rules and process needed for taking admission in these universities.