October 2023

Trip to Parimal Garden (Class - I) – 2023

A field trip was organized for class I students to Parimal Garden on 6th October, 2023 as a part of their POI unit about ‘Plants’.

The trip's main objective was to make students explore various types of plants they had learnt. The students could identify herbs, shrubs, trees, creepers and climbers by appearance. They were amazed to see the hanging roots of the banyan tree. They also had fun in the play area.

It was an experiential learning for the students.

Trip to Dev’s Camp (Class – II) – 2023

An educational trip was organized for the Class - II students on the 5th October, 2023 at Dev’s Camp, Kesharpura near Vadodara, Gujarat.

The primary objective of the trip was to expose students to various activities aimed at improving both individual skills and overall team spirit. The agenda of the trip was to show the children how to be close to nature and lead a life outside of their daily luxury which is now becoming so common.

CAS Trip to Dandeli (IBDP I & II) – 2023

DAY 1 & 2: The students of IBDP - I and II took a trip to Dandeli from the 9th to 14th October, 2023 as a part of the CAS cirriculum. After boarding the train on 9th October, 2023 the students arrived to Hubballi next day in the morning. After the train journey, was lined up another two hours of bus journey to get to the their desired destination. The students got to Dandeli in the early afternoon.

Trip to Orsang (Class-III) – 2023

A trip to Orsang was organized for the students of class - III who embarked on this adventure. On 5th October, 2023 we left Ahmedabad and travelled by bus to Orsang, where we were greeted with welcome music. The first day was full of activities like Zip Line, Flying Fox, Burma Bridge, Hanging Zag, Rope Walk, Tyre Walk and Commando Net. These activities helped students to strengthen their gross motor skills and imbibe the value of teamwork.  It also gave them a sense of personal accomplishment. In the evening, it was time for trekking.

Just a Minute Show (Class - VI-XII) – 2023

JGIS organized the ‘Just a Minute’ show on 20th October, 2023. All the four houses of the school participated in the event. There were two categories - in the first category students of classes VI-VIII were the participants and second category comprised students of classes IX-XII. ‘Just a Minute’ is an event, which gives a platform to students to display their talents in different fields within a minute like singing in a different language, magic show, solving a puzzle, playing instruments, art and craft, etc.

School Garba – 2023

JG International School celebrated Navratri festival by organizing Garba night on 21st October, 2023. The enthralling event began by offering prayers to the Goddess Shakti followed by a brief introduction about the significance of the festival ‘Navratri’. The event proceeded and Aarti was performed by our Honorable chairman, Dr. M P Chandran, the trustees, managing committee members and other dignitaries.