Visit to Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden (Class-III) - 2023

On 24th August 2023, class III went to Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden. 75 students were accompanied by six teachers. As a part of Programme of Inquiry unit ‘Adaptation to Food Habits’ we observed the feet, claws, beaks, and feathers of birds.

The students saw a variety of birds like parrots, spoonbills, and vultures, pelicans, crowned pigeons etc. They closely observed the pelicans’ pouches and their webbed feet which helps them in swimming. They also collected some of the feathers of these birds for closer observation. The students saw herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores birds and learned about their habitat and food habits.

They researched about five birds and filled the research sheet mentioning the adaptations in different birds and amazing facts about them.

It was a wonderful and amazing learning experience for the students.