Visit to Indroda Park (Class-IV) – 2023

In this ever-evolving environment, the education system has made a significant shift by combining traditional and modern technologies to improve comprehension. Practical learning always improves and has a significant influence on the development of young minds. On 25th August, 2023 students of class IV were exposed to the various biomes and the way each biome generates an environment in which plants can adapt and thrive as a part of Programme of Inquiry Unit “Adaptation of plants”.

It is challenging to locate all biomes under one roof, however Indroda Park, in the city of Gandhinagar, has established a unique ecosystem in which students can learn about plants and wildlife. As our primary objective was adaptation to plants, upon arrival at Indroda Park, we proceeded directly to Indroda Park Botanical Garden. The Botanical Gardens are home to a wide range of plants that thrive in various biomes, and under the supervision of teachers, students had the opportunity to observe and gain insight into how plants adapted to the changing environment in order to survive.