TEDx@JGIS - 2021

The complex human brain is capable of creating a constant flow of divergent ideas. And, creative and well-wrought ideas are the ideal way forward for mankind and that again if well-executed, can pave the way to innumerable and endless possibilities. We, at JG International School, value the skills of selection, evaluation and judgment to whittle down our lists to the most useful and doable ideas. These in turn, entail a series of deliberations, and debates about the true potential of ideas. These are then propagated through various platforms in the form of meaningful interactions and dialogues that cut across vertically and horizontally where all the stakeholders partake.

 TEDx Youth@JGIS, is one such endeavour. The theme of the event was, ‘To Infinity and Beyond.’ We need to constantly exercise our brain to think right and eventually acknowledge the indisputable truth that possibilities are not finite. And if this becomes a habit, human capabilities by default become infinite. Humanity can then achieve anything that it sets its heart on, and make even the seemingly impossible ideas transform into the possible.

 Taking this thought forward, JG International School, Ahmedabad, geared up for its third edition of TEDx Youth@JGIS on Friday, 1st October, 2021. It was an eclectic event which comprised a pre-event music medley and dance performances by our students followed by TEDx Talk by five dynamic speakers.

The Speakers are the shining stars in their chosen fields of interest. They were Mr. Pranav Kharbanda who set a world record for a 30+ hour non-stop HR training session, Ms. Aayushi Dholakia who was crowned Princess Baroda, Princess Gujarat and she is also the first Asian to win the title of Miss Teen International, a laurel won by an Asian after a long gap of 27 years, Master Aabhas Senapati, a dynamic and promising young entrepreneur who is acclaimed for his innovation named ‘ThingFinder’ devised to help patients of Alzheimer’s, track their essential items, Ms. Bhargsetu Sharma, the founder of HumansWithHumanity that has rescued over 4000 odd animals. She is also the Founder and CEO of Aatman Setu Pvt. Limited.