Pre-Primary Fancy Dress - 2021

Preprimary Online Fancy Dress Show was held for 6 days, having one class each day, starting from 09/09/2021 and ending on 16/09/2021. It was conducted online, starting with Sr.KG Marigold and ending with Nursery Tulip.

The themes were, Plant Kingdom for Sr.KG, Animal Kingdom for Jr.KG and Colors for Nursery.

Fancy dress helps children develop their imagination. Shows like these are becoming more, and more relevant because of the influx of many computer games, phones, tablets and T.V. available to young children, and that adversely impacts their imagination. Fancy dress can help bring their inner child out. Dressing like a lion and taking the pride of being the King of the Jungle, the blue water droplets or a marigold woven in a garland, is what children always enjoy. They love to act and make sense of real-life situations, and that also helps develop communication and language skills. 

It was an interesting show. The efforts of the Parents to create the props and costumes is also very commendable.