Pre-Priamry Fancy Dress Show - 2022

Dress up, helps children benefit their social and emotional development. Using their imagination as a starting point allows them to interact and engage with other children. By imagining themselves to be someone different, a child develops creativity.

On this note, the Pre-Primary “Fancy Dress Show” was held on Friday, 9th September, 2022. The theme for the show was ‘JG Learning Land’. At the JG Learning Land, there were the Shapes Zone, The Travelers’ Zone and the Shopping Zone. The show started with a rap performance, by students of grade IV. Students of Nursery, Jr.KG & Sr. KG were dressed as forms of shapes, Transport vehicles and objects of a showroom, respectively. All the children showed tremendous confidence on the stage and all of them were able to say their dialogues clearly.

The Principal, Dr. Kavita Sharma, and the children of classes I to IV witnessed the show. The anchoring of the show was also done by grade IV students. It was a delight to see such young students delivering so well.

The Parents dressed the children very creatively and innovatively. We live streamed the entire show on JG International School Facebook page. It was an unforgettable event for students, parents and the teachers.