Parent Orientation of Pre-Primary - 2017

Pre-Primary Orientation was held on Saturday, 10/06/2017 in school auditorium. Principal Ma’am Mrs. Kavita Sharma along with the co - ordinator and teachers of the section conducted the Orientation. Most of the parents of the children of Pre-Primary section attended the Orientation .The programme started with welcoming the parents and a Power Point Presentation on The Theoretical Backdrop Of The Curriculum. It stated the 5 Principles on which our curriculum is based on. The presentation also gave clarity to the parents about the academic structure, timings of the school, schedule of the classes during the day, school uniform, PTM, events, special days celebrated, and field trips etc. The parents went through the learning and Montessori Aids used for teaching purpose that were displayed in the auditorium. The programme ended with a song, forming a circle and dancing to the rhyme ‘When you are happy and you know it’ with actions. This activity gave an idea to the parents about the importance of actions and singing in sequence and an experience of being children in school.