Onam Celebration - 2022

Onam, the traditional festival of Kerala is celebrated with much enthusiasm by all the teachers of JGIS. The beauty of the festival lies in its secular fabric. Teachers of all religions, castes and communities celebrated the festival with equal joy and verve.

The celebration started with the designing of an attractive floral decoration (pookalam) at the reception area that was reminiscent of the agrarian past of Kerala. Impressive designs and artistic creativity were the hallmarks of the Pookalam, which turned out to be attractive and mesmerizing, that took everyone into a world of festivity and fun.

The main attractions of the programme were Dance drama performed by students of V-VIII depicting the story of King Mahabali, Thiruvathira Kali by our teachers along with Pulli Kalli (Tiger Dance) performed by cute little cubs and calves of our Class II students. The culmination included an enthralling performance by our enthusiastic teachers, who created a charismatic effect of boat race.

Amidst cheers of happiness and excitement, we learnt the importance of this very special day that imbibed in us pride, cultural oneness and a sense of belonging that we are one big family.