Moms' at School - 2022

Moms’ at School of Pre Primary section was held on 21st September, 2022. The event started with prayer, brain gym and eurhythmy that gave them a small glimpse of how the child begins his day at school. This was followed with an interactive Parenting Session conducted by the Principal, Dr. Kavita Sharma. The workshop was taken up in order to guide parents to understand the child better and find a solution to solve the problems faced by them often. There were dance performances by our very own Pre-Primary teachers and they also anchored the games that were played by the mothers.

Mothers were asked to dress as a character of a Fairytale. All the moms dressed very beautifully and they also walked the ramp. Games and dances added to all the fun. Towards the end a compiled video of all the moms doing a task, or playing together with their child was played.

Mothers were very happy and enjoyed the event. They were served snacks and refreshments, before they left for the day.