Lit Fest (Class-VI) - 2023

The 6th day of the Lit Fest on 8th February, 2023 at JG International School was a vibrant celebration of literature and diverse voices. With plays, panel discussion and interactive session with the chief guest of the day Ms. Jumana Shah, an acclaimed journalist, Ms. Uma Oza, a teacher educator,  and our Principal Dr. Kavita Sharma.

The panel discussion on the relevance of Shakespeare’s works in today’s age was a thought-provoking and engaging event. The panelists discussed the various themes of Shakespeare’s plays and how they are still relevant today.  

The students of Class VI performed a short play named – ‘The King Lear’ from the novel ‘Tales from Shakespeare.’ The main theme of King Lear shows that a lack of self-knowledge can cause chaos and tragedy, but the play also suggests that self-knowledge is painful, and perhaps not worth the effort it takes to achieve it. Lear’s tragic flaw is a lack of self-knowledge. Lear achieves self-knowledge, but at the cost of his wealth, power and sanity. The students presented the life and miseries of the characters very realistically and gave a fabulous performance on the stage.

The event culminated with feedback from all the dignitaries and parents.