Lit Fest - Class V - 2020

‘The Best Days of My Life, a novel written by Ms. Scharada Dubey , was read by the students of grade V throughout the year. The novel was brought alive by the students in the form of a play and dance. The Chief guest for the day was Ms. Uma Oza , an immensely talented and deeply committed person. She is a teacher educator and a personal growth facilitator.  A special invitation was given to the parents too, to witness the show and encourage the students.    

Ms. Scharada Dubey has written this book to weave in the life and incidences of different personalities from different fields across the globe. The book gives an insight of what moulds a character and how one can make a difference in life by sheer passion and hard work, without giving in to the odds.

Thus, the purpose of this festival is not only to provide entertainment, but to celebrate and emphasize the importance of writing beyond what is required in school. It also helps students to understand and develop their potential.

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