Lit Fest - Class IV - 2020

The spectacular event of the day was ‘Swami and Friends’ performed by J.G International students of Grade IV from R.K Narayan’s collection of Malgudi days. It was marvelous to be a part of the third edition of the Lit – Fest.

Students took the initiative to read and analyze the novel over the time of this academic year. Towards the end, the team collaborated and decided to put up the important glimpses of the story with the main objective of highlighting simplicity, imbibing the values of building good relationships with family and friends. Other important aspects of the society were also highlighted. Overall it came out to be an effortless performance which brought the characters of the novel alive on the stage.

Mr. Chintan Pandya graced the event and expressed his valuable feedback. He is an actor, writer, director, teacher and founder of Fanatica theatre group. He is the lead actor of the biggest  Bollywood musical “Bharati 2”. He had a message for the budding stars… follow your passion and focus on your vision and visibility.  He left no stone unturned to motivate and guide the young actors towards the importance of performing arts and literature.

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