Lit Fest - Class II- 2020

Day 2 of the Lit Fest had students of grade II presenting their novel “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling in the form of dance and drama.

The guest for the day was Mahnaz Damania. She is trained in the craft of stage and camera acting. She had the opportunity to study and perform in short feature films and Broadway plays. She has worked for television series, short films, TVCs and online viral, among other media.

The different facets of the novel were presented beautifully by the students. They explained how human beings are just one species among many that occupy the Earth, and how we should respect both the environment and the rest of the species that inhabit it. Adaptation an essential skill for survival was explored  in the novel through the character of  Mowgli. He spends his time with his jungle friends but was forced to move to the village. We all need to adapt to situations to become stronger and come out as winners. Finally the show ended on a beautiful note a message by Mahnaz Damania “Teamwork creates dreamwork”.

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