Inter school Recitation - Poems Out Loud (2019)

With an intention to give words and expressions to emotions and recreate the beauty of poetry on stage, JG International School, hosted the Inter-school recitation Competition ‘Poems Out Loud’ on 19th July, 2019. Twenty-nine reputed schools with 112 contestants from across Gujarat participated in the competition.

The competition was held in three categories, Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior. It was also decided that JG International school, being the host school, would not claim any of the awards.

The audience witnessed some powerful and moving performances that displayed the talents of the budding poets as they recited self-composed poems.

Students were awarded with trophies and certificates and prizes were given for the best self-composed poem and the best vocal quality.

The competition concluded with St. Kabir, Drive-in New bagging the overall champion’s trophy.

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