Inter House One Act Play - 2022

JGIS organized Inter House ‘One Act Play’ Competition on 30th September, 2022. All the four houses of the school presented English One Act Plays with various themes. The acting skills of the students generated a thunderous applause from the audience.

The performances were judged by

Ms. Monica Gupta, she is a freelance writer, creative writing coach, published author, and Vice President of Ahmedabad Book Club.

Ms.Ankita Dave, is a Freelance Communications Trainer who blends academic training with extensive hands-on experience to create a fun-filled learning environment,

 Ms. Supreeti Negi, is a Soft Skills Trainer, with 21 years of experience in Operations and Training, she is the founder of Trainers Joint - a Training, Learning and Development Firm

The honorable guests were, our chairman Mr. M.P Chandran, Principal Dr. Kavita Sharma, Manager Admin Ms. Rekha Anil and Manager Parent Relation Ms. Rema Nair,


 They were highly impressed with the quality of plays selected and the perfect execution of them by the students of the four houses. While appreciating the efforts of the students, the judges also gave valuable tips on the use of stage, props and movement of cast on the stage to generate a greater impact

 The one act play is a form of drama which suits the modern way of looking at reality. The major characteristic of one act play is its shortness; it is restricted by time and diction so as to make its characters and situations easily understood and appreciated by the audience. A one-act play calls for the greatest artistic unity and economy. The playwright has to say what he wants to say in less time than what the full length play requires. Precision, economy of words and action, and tight structure are the chief merits of a one-act play. 

The first position was bagged by Amartya Sen House, followed by Chandrashekar House and Rabindranath Tagore House. The participation certificate was awarded to Jagdishchandra Bose House. Each house had performed the plays of different genres, from Motivational to a Classic Comedy. Amartya Sen House and Rabindranath Tagore House brought among us some lively comedy whereas Chandrashekar House brought tears to our eyes by showcasing an emotional yet motivational play. Jagdishchandra Bose House on other hand enacted a romantic comedy by G.B Shaw. After the award distribution and feedback from the judges, the event concluded with the National Anthem.

The Principal, Dr. Kavita Sharma felicitated the judges and expressed her gratitude to them for giving their valuable time for the event.