Inter-House Just a Minute Competition - 2020

The online Inter-house Just a minute Competition from classes V-XII was held on 9th October, 2020. The esteemed judges for the event were Ms. Gauri Wagenaar, Ms. Nimisha Kane and Ms. Bindu Pillay.

Ms. Gauri Wagenaar has more than 30 years of experience in creative thinking in the Netherlands and India. She has lived in two cultures and speaks six languages. She has combined academic teaching with nuts-and-bolts advocacy to bridge the differences between corporate cultures.

Ms. Nimisha Kane is an early childhood development specialist with over 20 years of experience. She takes on consulting projects to work with schools on improving their pre-school system.

Ms. Bindu Pillay has spent 20 fruitful years with various MNCs and currently she is a practicing HR Consultant.

The event comprised three categories: Sub-Junior from classes V and VI, Junior from classes VII and VIII and Senior from classes IX -XII. All the participants displayed various talents in a minute like dancing, singing, making sandwich and rangoli, playing musical instrument, doing hairstyle, speaking ’Hello’ in different languages, performing experiment, doing complex addition sums through abacus and so on. The students were judged on the basis of idea, creativity, presentation and general impression.

In the Sub-Junior category the first position was won by Tani Acharya (Chandrashekhar House), the second position went to Mirav Khabiya (Amartya Sen House) and for the third position there was a tie between Rajveer Mukati (Jagdishchandra Bose) and Tirth Mistry (Chandrashekhar House).

In the Junior category the first position was won by Adi Shah ( Chandrashekhar House). The second position went to Heet Chaudhary (Rabindranath House) and the third position was bagged by Dhanshri Chobisa(Chandrashekhar House).

In the Senior category the first position was won by Stavan Jani (Rabindranath Tagore House), the second position was bagged by Heer Jain ( Chandrashekhar House) and the winner of third position was Pradyumn Rathi (Chandrashekhar house).

The audience was thrilled and thoroughly enjoyed the event.