Inter House English Recitation - 2022

The inter house English poem recitation competition was held on 8th July, 2022. The competition was divided into three category: Sub- Junior- class IV-V, Junior- class VI- VII and Senior- class VIII- IX. The teachers in charge were- Mitisha Lalwani, Steffi Thomas.

Judges for the same were- Ms. Neelam Rathi and Ms. Yasmin Khan.

Scorers were- Ms. Vijayalalita, Ms. Shannon and Ms. Soma.

The following were the winners of the competition-

Sub- Junior category:

First position- Divij Amin (CS House)

Second position- Sharva Nagar (JB House)

Third position- Trisha Mistri (RT House)

Junior category:

First position- Nitya Bhatt (AS House)

Second position- Mishri Jhala (RT House)

Third position- Pushti Poptani (CS House)

Senior category:

First position- Rudrakash Paitandi (RT House)

Second position- Trisha Patel (AS House)

Third position- Naisha Patel (CS House)