IB PYP Meet – 2023

In a historic moment of educational excellence, J G International School proudly played host to a daylong prestigious India and South Asia IB PYP Coordinators and Western region Heads meet. This groundbreaking event marked the first-ever convening of its kind within the vibrant landscapes of Gujarat.

The meet, organized with meticulous care, held a lofty objective at its core – to foster collaboration and the exchange of exemplary pedagogical practices among educators hailing from across the nation and the expansive realms of South Asia, all in alignment with the principles upheld by the International Baccalaureate.

Under the distinguished patronage of eminent figures, Dr. Geoffrey Fisher and Mr. Abhimanyu Basu, the event emanated an air of intellectual splendor. Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, a luminary revered as the Western Region Head of the prestigious IB Heads Association of India and South Asia also leads B.D. Somani School. Mr. Abhimanyu Basu, the Dean and CEO of the esteemed Dhirubhai Ambani School, a visionary par excellence, graced the event as the Secretary of India and South Asia's IB Heads Association.

With a remarkable turnout, the event witnessed a gathering of 130 educators from across the nation, as well as esteemed representatives from South Asian nations such as Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh were a part of the meet. The gathering showcased the shared commitment of these diverse educational professionals to furthering the ideals of quality education.

The curtain was raised on this momentous occasion with an inaugural session that epitomized the spirited essence of Gujarat. The enchanting rhythm of various forms of Garba reverberated, capturing the cultural vibrancy and unity that define the region.

The event not only fulfilled its aspirations but surpassed them, leaving an indelible mark on the educational landscape.