Expressions - A Carnival of Creations (2020)

Expressions- a carnival of creations was a genuine and enriching, journey of experimenting, learning and experiencing various subjects from multiple angles and approaches for students from  Kindergarten to grade XII, across all the Boards.

The exhibition was organized on 25th January, 2020 and was inaugurated by one of our parents, in the presence of other esteemed guests.

Innovative ideas and latest breakthroughs in the field of science and technology were beautifully explained in Future Zone. Models like Cryopresevation, Bioresorbable  brain sensors, Artificial blood , Artificial womb, Bionic eye, Forest fire, Logic gates, 20-20 Olympics, Carbon fibre, Moon base, Metallic Hydrogen, Fas tag, Gesture controlled car, Artificial Intelligence and its Economic Implications , Space Odyssey, Ecofriendly house insulation and a brain teaser quiz - Brain Game  were depicted.

The students of IBDP, in association with the Civil Hospital, arranged for a Blood Donation Camp as a part of their CAS activity. One of them also demonstrated his talent by doing Live Digital Portrait.

The children had a variety of challenging and exciting games in Mathemagica. They played  various games which was based on different mathematical concept like Math- Housie, NIM game, 101 not out, Diagonal Race , I know your number , card game ,tic- tac -toe and number symmetry .These games helped to strengthen the concept building in fun way.

Students also displayed their interests in culinary skills, handicrafts,  Karate, Yoga, Orchestra, Calligraphy, dance, aerobics, skating, clay modeling, embroidery, electronics, canvas painting etc.

The Food Court at the quadrangle was a crowd-puller that tickled the palettes of the visitors with the ever so irresistible Pani Puri, Nutella Sandwich, Masala Corn, Potato chips with schezwan sauce & mayonnaise and Oreo Milk Shake  that were doled out generously at reasonable rates.

Picture Gallery